Utställningen ARIPEX2013

Vi vill härmed tillkännage den inbjudan som Paul Nelson sänt oss. Paul är en av våra medlemmar i USA och vår kontaktperson där.

This note is an invitation to all revenue collectors, worldwide, to plan to visit the ARIPEX2013 (ARIzona Philatelic EXhibition) show in Arizona.  April 18–21, 2013, are the dates; the show will be held at the Mesa Convention Center, in a suburb of Phoenix.  Phoenix has excellent airline connections from Europe.

The American Revenue Association, the State Revenue Society, the American Society of Check Collectors, as well as the American Air Mail Society, are planning to meet at ARIPEX 2013.  I am the coordinator for the ”revenuer” organizations and for the individual ”revenuers” from whatever location, who should want to attend this event.  If you wish, questions about exhibiting or having a bourse table can be sent to me, and I’ll put everyone together with the Exhibits Chairman or Bourse Chairman of ARIPEX.  A large number of exhibit frames will be held for fiscal philatelic exhibits, until a reasonable date, after which time the acceptance for the show will be conducted.  Full details will be available shortly.  There are over 200 frames, each for 16 pages, available for the competition.

This show is planned to be an international opportunity for all of us revenue collectors to meet one another, to exhibit collections, and to view wonderful revenue material.

There will be, in addition to the ”competitive” and ”court of honor” exhibits that will contain revenue collections, and with the cooperation of all of you collectors, a separate area where fiscal philatelic materials can be displayed and offered for sale.  This area is intended to include examples of fiscal philatelic literature–books, journals, articles, copies of exhibits that are not in competition–as well as a computer with links to websites and other electronic media on the subject.  Applications for membership in fiscal philatelic organizations worldwide can be placed here for the obvious purpose of gaining new members.  Many international revenue enthusiasts have wonderful publications known to them, which should be made available to other collectors.  We intend to provide a linked list of these items, for worldwide Internet access, so by all means, please email the website addresses to me for this purpose.  Membership applications can be sent by email to me for printing in Arizona.

The Postal History Foundation in Tucson, which is about 2 hours south of Phoenix, is the home of the Peggy Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library, and the Slusser would welcome donations of the literature materials as suggested above, for permanent availability to fiscal philatelists.  As this list of websites develops, it will be included on the Postal History Foundation Website and probably, on the ARIPEX2013 Website as well.  The www.aripex.org Website will be active soon, with details about the show.

Arizona is a wonderful and unique location in the United States, to visit and to spend some vacation time with our natural wonders including the Grand Canyon, the Sonoran Desert, Karchner Caverns, and others.  Of course, philatelically, the Postal History Foundation in Tucson is a singular attraction for philatelic visits (www.postalhistoryfoundation.org) .

Thanks.  I hope to see some of you in Arizona in April 2013.

Paul Nelson
SfB, Scandinavian Collectors Club,
American Revenue Association, etc.

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